Welcome to Chocoma Quality Chocolate Machinery

When you are a creative chocolatier and you want to make quality chocolate and confectionery products, the Chocoma range of quality chocolate machinery and equipment will match your intentions perfectly.

Since 1948 Chocoma has developed and refined the art of chokolate making for the creative cocolatier and semi-professional chocolate making business by supplying quality chocolate machines for all aspects of the creative chocolate making process.

The Creative Chocolatier

Chocolatiers from around the world have received benefit from the ease and professionalism as chocomas quality equipment and experience provides the creative chocolate manufacturing process.

Making a quality chocolate business you now can profit from this experience, by discovering the many possibilities of making your ideas into perfectly automated chocolate production processes and high quality output with the chocolate machines from Chocoma.

Take a look around in the specialised world of quality chocolate making with the Chocoma enrobers, melterers, temperers and coolers and get access to more than 55 years of chocolate machine manufactoring experience and knowledge - all made for your creativity and your journey towards quality chocolate business success.